EXO Miracle In December 2nd Mini Album Info

EXO 2nd Mini ALbum

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Miracles in December is the second EP by South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO. It was released by S.M. Entertainment on December 9, 2013. Presented as a special winter album, Miracles in December is a follow-up to the group’s first studio album XOXO, which was released in June 2013. Like all of the group’s music, the EP has Korean and Chinese versions. The EP is also the group’s second release as well as first EP to be promoted extensively being as a combined group.

Its lead single “Miracles in December” was first unveiled on December 4, 2013 through the release of the single’s accompanying music videos. On December 5, the single was released online, and debuted at number one on nine South Korean music charts.

Released December 9, 2013
Recorded 2013
  • Christmas
  • R&B
  • pop
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • S.M. Entertainment
  • Lee Soo-man (exec.)

Track listing

Korean version
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “12월의 기적 (Miracles in December)”(Sibiweolwi Gijeok; lit. “Miracle of December”) Sarah Yoon
  • Andreas Stone Johansson
  • Rick Hanley
2. “Christmas Day” Misfit
  • Gabriela Soza
  • Samantha Powell
  • Philip Hochstrate
3. “The Star” Soulfulmonster
  • Kei Lim Kwang-wook
  • Martin Mulholland
  • Nermin Harambasic
4. “My Turn To Cry” Kim Young-hu
  • Alex Cantrall
  • Jeff Hoeppner
  • Phillip Anthony White
5. “첫 눈 (The First Snow)” (Cheot Nun; lit. “First Snow”) Kenzie
  • Kim Jung-bae
  • Kenzie
6. “12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) – Classical Orchestra Version” (Sibiweolwi Gijeok; lit. “Miracle of December”)
  • Johansson
  • Hanley
Total length:
Chinese version
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. 十二月的奇迹 (Miracles in December)“(Traditional Chinese: 十二月的奇蹟; Shíèryuè de Qíjì; lit. “Miracle of December”) Liu Yuan
  • Johansson
  • Hanley
2. 圣诞节 (Christmas Day)” (聖誕節; Shèngdànjié; lit. “Christmas”)
  • Soza
  • Powell
  • Hochstrate
3. “The Star” 4:07
4. “爱离开 (My Turn To Cry)” (愛離開; Ài Líkāi; lit. “Love Leave”)
  • Cantrall
  • Hoeppner
  • White
5. “初雪 (The First Snow)” (Chūxuě; lit. “First Snow”)
  • Kim
  • Kenzie
6. “十二月的奇迹 (Miracles in December) – Classical Orchestra Version” (Shíèryuè de Qíjì; lit. “Miracle of December”)
  • Johansson
  • Hanley
Total length:

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