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f(x) Red Light Album ^_^

Helloo~ *calling f(x)’s fans out there*

I know this already late, but I’m sooooo excited with f(x) new album “Red Light” 

I already finished 8 lyric and I will post it as soon as possible… ^_^

My favorite song in this album called Paper Heart. When I listen to it for the first time I was like, oh! This is it!. The lyric is very touching~ #ayye

But, yeah… the other songs are really good too! For the Red light, I think the beat is really awesome. Dracula? The screams was really scared me! hahaha..

Summer Lover is really fun! *Idk I always think of barbie and mermaid tale* kekekeke~

I’m using Rainbow for my alarm~ hahah… but, idk it just me or it really similiar to I’m the best 2ne1 ._.v especially the first beat

All night is a bit retro style I think…. I think of SNSD’s Express 999

Okay… I should end this as soon as possible because…. really, my grammar is really worst #RIPEnglish ._.v

Bye~ Happy Summer ^^

140515 hztttao instagram update

路很长,想去哪里都可以,决定没有谁可以替别人做。 事实大众永远都是被隐瞒的, 也许大众会偏向少数的那一边,但那却不是真相。真相永远只有经历这些事情的人们才明白。比如我们11个成员,我们的S.M公司和工作人员。可在外面却被颠倒了好与坏。你们不会感受到被人背叛之后的那种感觉,被背叛之后所有人却向着一个背叛别人的人,你们可以有自己的观点和立场,但我还是想说,错与对事实分明,我们问心无愧。一个人想要走,拦不住,想方设法的会逃离这里, 所以逃离成功了。在我们不知情的情况下果然还是瞒着我们和公司还是没有回来。野心会伴随许多人,但希望每个人都能够善于运用。练习练的满头大汗,却突然发现有一人不会在回来的消息, 演唱会又要11个人重新开始准备了,好累。 EXO사랑하자~


The road is long, where you can go, no one can decide for someone else to do. The fact that the public is always concealed, perhaps the public will favor the few on the other side, but that is not the truth. Truth is always only people experience these things came to understand. For example, we have 11 members, our SM company and staff. Can be good or bad on the outside but was turned upside down. You will not feel the feeling of being betrayed later, after being betrayed everyone but a betrayal of others toward people, you can have your own views and positions, but I still want to say, wrong on the facts and clearly, we have to ask ourselves deserved. A person wants to go, no stopping, trying to will flee here, so escape was successful. In the case of our knowledge really is telling us and the company still did not come back. Ambition accompanied by a lot of people, but I hope everyone can be good at using. Exercises practiced sweating profusely, but suddenly found a man will not come back to the news, the concert also 11 people ready to restart, tired. EXO 사랑 하자 ~

indah12nov_ translation

I feel so sad right now 😥


[TRANS] 13.06.25 – “EXO, Melawati Tantangan Bahasa Sebagai Satu Keluarga”

EXO Planet Indonesia

◆ ‘Kesatuan’ tanpa tandingan sudah kembali

‘Meskipun kami tidak lahir di hari, bulan dan tahun yang sama, kami ingin mati bersama di hari, bulan dan tahun yang sama’ adalah salah satu adegan yang muncul di Romance of the Three Kingdoms’s Oathdi Kebun Peach (di novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms’s Oath, ada adegan dimana para pria melakukan sumpah darah di kebun peach). Di dunia permusikan, ada juga 12 saudara yang sangat dekat karena kesetiaan mereka. Ini adalah cerita dari ‘Global family’ EXO yang mendapat banyak perhatian karena menggabungkan Korea dan China.


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