f(x) Red Light Album ^_^

Helloo~ *calling f(x)’s fans out there*

I know this already late, but I’m sooooo excited with f(x) new album “Red Light” 

I already finished 8 lyric and I will post it as soon as possible… ^_^

My favorite song in this album called Paper Heart. When I listen to it for the first time I was like, oh! This is it!. The lyric is very touching~ #ayye

But, yeah… the other songs are really good too! For the Red light, I think the beat is really awesome. Dracula? The screams was really scared me! hahaha..

Summer Lover is really fun! *Idk I always think of barbie and mermaid tale* kekekeke~

I’m using Rainbow for my alarm~ hahah… but, idk it just me or it really similiar to I’m the best 2ne1 ._.v especially the first beat

All night is a bit retro style I think…. I think of SNSD’s Express 999

Okay… I should end this as soon as possible because…. really, my grammar is really worst #RIPEnglish ._.v

Bye~ Happy Summer ^^